Do-it-Yourself Summer Camp Kit


Make your children’s vacation time truly enjoyable and productive – for kids and parents alike! This kit offers instructions, charts, and photos to help you set up daily “must-do’s” and fun thematic activities.

Ready for your best summer ever?

Our “Do-it-Yourself Summer Camp” post “went viral” a few years back and many readers requested further details to help them create their own great flexible schedule, checklists, and goals for their kids.

So the author of the post, Saren, put together a digital “kit” to help you keep your kids’ bodies and minds active and have lots of fun adventures together at your own fabulous family summer camp or out-of-school-time schedule.

Saren’s great ideas come primarily from her experiences “in the trenches” with her five children – but it also helps that she earned a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University and spent many years running programs in schools and training others to set up and run successful after school and summer programs for kids while working for the National Institute on Out-of-School Time.

We’re able to offer this online “kit” for just $48 – less than the cost of ONE family excursion for dinner and a movie.

Included in this Kit:

* Overall instructions that walk you step-by-step through setting up and implementing your own amazing family summer camp (following the ideas laid out in the article, “Do-it-Yourself Summer Camp“). Ideas are adaptable for a variety of ages of kids but are generally geared towards children ages 4-14.

* An introductory audio training (private podcast episode) to walk you through the whole thing

* Printable “Daily Must-Do Chart” as well as suggested instructions and rewards to keep kids going on fun reading, writing, housework, practicing, and physical activities each day

* Fun tips and ideas for keeping kids reading as they accomplish their daily “reading” point

* Printable list of great writing prompts to help kids keep up and develop further writing skills as they accomplish their daily “writing” point

* Ideas for ways to keep kids physically active as they accomplish their daily “physical” point

* Printable worksheets to help kids set meaningful goals they can work towards through their daily “practice” point

* Printable list of 5-10 minute household tasks that kids of all ages can do each day to help keep up on housework as part of their daily “home” point

* Ideas for activities and links to tried-and-true websites full of meaningful learning activities kids can use to accomplish their daily “extra” point (to complement schoolwork from their schools)

* Brainstorming sheets with starter ideas so you can create great fun “bucket lists” for Make-it-Monday, Take-a-Trip Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Thinking Thursday, and Friend Friday. These activities can be a great complement to the “daily must-do activities.”

* Lots of photos to help demonstrate ideas

What are people saying about the kit?

“I LOVE this kit!! Every summer I start out strong with some ideas, and then vacation or other things hit and it all goes down the drain. Here is something that is concrete (that I didn’t have to come up with all myself) that has fun ideas and activities. I like that it has specific ideas (inside activities, extra activities, goals, jobs, etc.). It is a great starting point for me to add and subtract my own ideas. It is definitely easy to follow and is something I really feel like I can do.” – Koni Smith

“I love how versatile this kit is. It is a structured and streamlined system and yet I could do it in a variety of different ways to fit what my family needs. I also really like how this kit addresses learning and goals and helps me see how I can integrate fun AND learning. There are so many “summer plans” type blog posts out there but most of the ones I’ve seen deal with the fun of the summer. They talk about the trips you can take, the waterparks, the beach, the fun crafts, etc. I loved that this kit helps promote learning and being active during the summer as well as setting and accomplishing goals WHILE having fun. The summer can easily turn into one of those “lost periods” where you look back and think where did the time go. With this kit I can already tell that my children are going to be better prepared for when school returns and we are going to really focus on growing and progressing through making goals.” – Mary Jenkins

“I love that a lot of the work has been done for me with this kit (charts, worksheets, lists of ideas). I think this makes it so easy and quick to implement a great program. I also love that the kit gives a framework that you can modify according to your needs. I think we all want to do neat things like this, but having a schedule or framework already set out for us makes it much easier to actually do what we mean to do.” – Aubrey Degn


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