Mommy is a Person Video Training


Through nine powerful video segments and great reflection questions, you’ll learn to take care of yourself as a person and turn tried-and-true ideas into your reality. Speakers include Power of Families Director, Saren Loosli, NYTimes #1 Best-selling Author, Linda Eyre, author of the popular blog, 71 Toes, Shawni Pothier, and other incredible women.

Are you ready to take better care of that “me” inside of the mom?

Do you need some help figuring out how to nurture yourself while you nurture your children and family?

Through nine short (10-15 minute) videos combined with great reflection questions, this program will help you more fully embrace your “personhood” as you learn to say “no” and “yes” to the right things, take better care of your body, mind and spirit, and find more joy in motherhood. The videos are from a live Retreat and feature Power of Families Director, Saren, and Power of Moms Director, April, as well as blogger Shawni Pothier (71 Toes), therapist and social worker, Saydi Shumway, and NYTimes #1 bestselling author, Linda Eyre.

Sample Videos

These uplifting presentations will help you turn tried-and-true ideas into your reality. Here are some snippets of videos included in this program:

What’s included?

The Mommy is a Person Video Series includes:

  • Nine uplifting video segments (each is about 15 minutes in length) featuring Power of Moms Founders, April and Saren, as well as NYTimes Best Selling Author, Linda Eyre, Shawni Pothier (blogger at 71 Toes), and Saydi Shumway (social worker and blogger at Boston Shumways).
  • Thought-provoking reflection questions and activities to help you turn tried-and-true ideas into your reality
What specific subjects are covered?

In order to be the mom you really want to be, you need to take care of the “person” inside the mom. The nine video segments included in this online training will help you nurture yourself so that you can better nurture your family. Segments are as follows:

  • Introduction – Establishing your “Personhood”: April Perry
  • Establishing a “Human Bill of Rights”: Saren Loosli
  • Creating Daily Down-Time: April Perry
  • Taking Care of our Bodies, Minds and Spirits: Saydi Shumway and Shawni Pothier
  • Enjoying the Moments: Shawni Pothier
  • Creating Margins in your Life and Avoiding Overload: Saydi Shumway
  • Thought Replacement Therapy: Saren Loosli
  • Becoming your Own Best Kind of Mom: Shawni Pothier
  • Bonus: Keynote Speech by Linda Eyre, NYTimes Best-selling Author, on Deliberate Motherhood
What are people saying?

“I am a person! I really am! Thanks for reminding me that it’s OK to want to go to the bathroom or eat my food BY MYSELF. And that I’m not a bad mom if I carve out time to pursue my own interests sometimes. I feel like this training has given me the permission I needed to become the person and mom I know I can and should be.” – Katerina Whitman

“It has been so empowering to remember that “mummy is a person” and to realize it’s OK for me to have off/on duty time. Funny from yesterday: After I’d finished the hugs, kisses, happies, prayer, songs, more hugs and kisses and water and toilet with my 5-year-old, she called out from her room, “Mum I have a question!” My husband, who’s totally on-board with all this now that I’ve explained it all to him, responded with, “Sorry, Mummy is off duty but you can leave a message with me.” I think they’re getting it!” – Georgina Close

“I’m so glad I spent the time watching the Mommy is a Person training this past weekend. I have felt a real shift in my attitude already this week. I have scheduled in some very important things I need to do for myself, my spirituality and for my family every day/week and I am feeling very positive about the changes it will bring to my family. Its hard being a Mother but the training has provided me with a new focus, a new approach and I am now excited for the future and I am finding much more joy in every day.” – Kellie Hollis

What would you pay to become the mom and person you’d really like to be? Retreat attendees called our “Mommy is a Person” curriculum “truly life-changing” and “priceless.” But while our Retreats cost upwards of $150 to attend in person (not counting babysitting and travel costs), we’re excited to be able to offer you this half-day “virtual Retreat” for just $57.
How do I get started?

Simply purchase the program, then carve out some quiet moments to sit in front of your computer and enjoy the talks and activities included. You can watch in 15-minute increments, if that’s what works with your schedule, or you can block out two or three hours to watch all the videos and do the activities provided in one sitting. You can come back and review the videos and activities whenever you’d like as you’ll have lifetime access to this program.


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*Music in the videos provided by Michael R. Hicks, Creations.