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Children who know how to behave, how to work, and how to manage money will likely do well in life. And if they feel a strong sense of identity, belonging and love, they’ll do even better. This eCourse guides you every step of the way as you set up the systems that will prepare your children for the future while bringing more peace and joy to your family life now.

Great families don’t just happen. They are built with love, careful planning, hard work – and fun! 

download.jpgIf you’d like to create a firm foundation for the happiness and success of your family, this program will guide you every step of the way. 

What is the basic premise of this program?

All successful institutions (countries, companies, and yep, families too!) rely on three basic systems – a legal system (laws, consequences, codes of behavior), an economic system (division of labor and resources), and a culture (the shared values and traditions that make people want to be part of that institution).


Through a series of simple but powerful assignments, this eCourse will walk you through each step involved in creating the three systems that can set your family up for success:

  • Building Your Family Legal System (helping children WANT to behave the way you want them to behave by establishing a positive and loving environment with clear and consistent laws and consequences)
  • Building Your Family Economic System (teaching your children about work and money through building a micro-economy in your home that mirrors real-world economic principles and helps your children learn the importance of work and the value of money)
  • Building Your Family Culture (creating a strong family identity and culture that can trump peer culture and offer your children the sense of belonging and fun they crave)

download (2).jpgChildren who know how to behave, how to work, and how to manage money will likely do well in life. And if they feel a strong sense of identity, belonging and love, they’ll do even better. We’re here to help you create the systems that will offer your children what they need and make your family life more peaceful, satisfying and fun.


Your family means everything to you, and we’re excited to share these powerful ideas that will bring more peace, order, fun, and meaningful experiences into your home.

This program includes:
  • Sixteen targeted weekly assignments that will guide you and your spouse through the entire process of setting up your family legal system, your family economy, and your family culture. Assignments include step-by-step instructions, recorded trainings, worksheets, discussion guides, videos, audio, assessment guides and everything else you need (delivered in simple, bite-sized steps). 
  • An email every Sunday during the 16-week course period that walks you through the assignment for the upcoming week (or you can opt to move at your own pace and do more or less each week)

  • An exclusive Family Systems Facebook Forum moderated by our Family Systems Coaches where you can ask questions, share photos and tips that work for you, and network with like-minded parents who are working on similar goals
  • Question and Answer Webinars for each of the three family systems by program founder, Saren Loosli and our Family Systems Coaches

  • 24/7 Access to all assignments and materials involved in the eCourse
  • A frameable Certificate of Completion once you’ve finished the course
  • Exclusive Bonus Materials: Our full Deliberate Mothering Podcast Series ($25 value), our “Boundaries and Margins” Webinar ($10 value), and our Family Life Audio Series ($20 value)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to an ever-growing library of resources including videos of families putting their programs into action, photos of the materials other families have put together, and fresh podcasts and posts (Join now and you’ll never need to upgrade – while this program will go up in price as we add more and more resources, you’ll automatically have access to all added materials without needed to pay anything further.)

As you work through and complete this eCourse, you can expect these results:

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  • Better behavior from your children as they fully understand and accept rules and consequences and as you create an environment that is conducive to positive behavior
  • Children who complete assigned household responsibilities quickly, happily and well
  • A lot less begging and whining as children understand they need to use their own money to buy things (When they ask for something, you’ll simply say, “Do you have the money for that?” – this changes everything!)
  • More family fun and bonding opportunities through great family dinners, activities and traditions
  • A greatly enhanced sense of peace, community and joy in your home

  • And as you look into the future, you’ll see adult children who know how to resolve conflicts effectively, work hard, and manage money effectively and who enjoy beautiful relationships with their parents and each other while building strong families of their own
Course Founder

As the eldest of the nine children of New York Times #1 Bestselling Parenting Authors, Richard and Linda Eyre, Saren Eyre Loosli grew up with various iterations of the family systems taught in this course.

She studied families at Wellesley College and focused on the the impact of families on education outcomes while completing her Masters in Education at Harvard University. But her REAL education on what it takes to form a strong family has come from trial and error in raising her own five children who now range in age from 19 to 24.

For the past 18 years, as Co-Director of Power of Moms and Director of Power of Families, Saren has loved learning from parents all over the world through in-person and online retreats, workshops and webinars where she has presented and fine-tuned the material offered in this course. After seeing the huge success of the Family Systems curriculum for the thousands of families who’ve applied it in their homes, Saren is excited to present this full eCourse version of Family Systems so that it can be fully accessible to ever more families.

* The concepts presented in this eCourse originated from the books and teachings of Richard and Linda Eyre, NYTimes #1 Bestselling Authors and Saren’s parents. These methods have been taught at Power of Moms and Power of Families Retreats around the world and influenced by ideas from thousands of families who’ve tried the methods and added their input. 

Peek Inside the Course:

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Here’s what you’ll see on your Family Systems eCourse homepage as soon as you register:

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Here’s one of the 16 assignments:

Quotes from eCourse Participants:

“We’ve only completed the first four assignments in this eCourse so far and things are already really different around here. My husband and I have had some super-helpful discussions about what patterns of behavior in our home (from the kids AND from us) aren’t working and how to fix things. Our family meeting to discuss what our family rules and consequences should be went really well and it’s so great to have those rules clearly posted and be able to refer to them and not just be assigning rules and consequences on the spot as we’d been doing for years. We’re so excited for the rest of this course!”


“We just finished the full course. Wow! I feel the way I used to feel after completing a really awesome course back in college – only better because everything I’ve learned is so REAL and so VITAL for my family. Our rules and consequences are working great – at least most of the time. Our chore charts are doing wonders for helping our kids remember to do their assigned household jobs. The older kids are excited about the money they are now earning and the opportunity they have to buy things (we’ve already had a couple kids learn the hard way about how it works when you make an exciting purchase and then realize the money could have been better spent elsewhere!). And maybe most importantly, the feeling in our home is just different. We’re prioritizing family fun and seeing each other as part of a team with shared goals. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“Our children are really young (1 and 3) so I wasn’t too sure at first about how this program would work for our family – but it’s been really great! I’m so glad my husband and I are having these important foundational discussions and we’re putting systems in place now that will put us on the right track for everything we want most for our family.”


“When I thought of being a mom, I pictured this happy, fun family where everyone was always laughing together and working together and there was love and joy right and left. But real life as a mom wasn’t what I pictured. I guess I thought that if I was willing to make sacrifices and was full of love, things would sort of fall into place. I felt like such a failure as I saw my kids constantly bickering and found myself yelling at my kids a lot. This program has been a real answer to prayers! My husband and I have seen such clear benefits as we’ve worked together to build these family systems and work systematically towards the family we know we can have – rather than expecting it to sort of happen on its own.”

While our in-person workshops cost upwards of $350/person or $495/couple (not counting travel, lodging or babysitting) and family counseling costs over $200/hour, we’re happy to offer this comprehensive 4-month online course at just $247. Once you purchase this course, it’s yours forever. You can come back to review the assignments, webinars, worksheets, posts, podcasts and videos again and again.

Simply sign up and you’ll be on your way to the peaceful, happy, productive and meaningful family experience of your dreams.



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