Family Systems Basic Training


This online training includes a series of webinars along with worksheets to help you build the systems your family needs. (This program teaches the same principles as our Family Systems eCourse but doesn’t offer the step-by-step guidance that program provides.)

Ready to shape the future of your family?

Centered around the tried-and-true methods of NYTimes Bestselling Authors, Richard and Linda Eyre (who also happen to be Power of Families Director Saren’s fabulous parents), our Family Systems training has received rave reviews at our Retreats around the world.

We’ve created three 1-hour webinars and coupled them with some worksheets and discussion guides to help you you create the right systems for YOUR family.

Now you can benefit from a personal Family Systems training–right in your own home.

Parents at computerTuck the kids in bed and sit down with your spouse to enjoy a powerful 3-part online training that will help you set up or enhance:

  • a system or rules and consequences that really works and makes kids WANT to behave
  • a family economic system that teaches kids about work and money
  • a family culture that makes kids love being part of your family
What’s included?
  • Three 1-hour webinars full of real-life stories and tried-and true ideas that Power of Moms Director, April and Power of Families Director, Saren have gathered from great books as well as their own experiences and those of the thousands of deliberate parents with whom they interact
  • Worksheets and family activity guides that will help you apply the principles taught in the webinar to your own unique family desires and circumstances
What specific subjects are covered?

All successful institutions (countries, companies, and yep, families too) rely on three basic systems – a legal system (laws, consequences, codes of behavior), an economic system (division of labor and resources), and a culture (the shared values and traditions that make people want to be part of that institution). Our Family Systems training is rooted in principles from books by NYTimes #1 Bestselling Authors, Richard and Linda Eyre as well as tried-and-true practices from other parenting experts and includes the following three sections:

  • Building Your Family Legal System (helping children WANT to behave the way you want them to behave by establishing a positive and loving environment with clear and consistent laws and consequences)
  • Building Your Family Economic System (teaching your children about work and money through building a micro-economy in your home that mirrors real-world economic principles and helps your children learn the importance of work and the value of money)
  • Building Your Family Culture (creating strong family identity and culture that can trump peer culture and offer your children the sense of belonging and fun they crave)
Children who know how to behave, how to work, and how to manage money will likely do well in life. And if they feel a strong sense of identity, belonging and love, they’ll do even better. We’re here to help you create the systems that will offer your children what they need and make your family life more peaceful, satisfying and fun.

Your family means everything to you, and we’re excited to share these powerful ideas that will bring more peace, order, fun, and meaningful experiences into your home.

What are people saying?

“Before finding the Family Systems training, I felt like my mothering had spiralled downwards to a place where I never thought it would be. I was snappy, impatient and constantly saying those two dreaded words “hurry up” all day long. I found myself spending very little quality time with my children. I cried on my own a lot. I cried to my husband a lot. I felt like I was drowning and just getting through each day doing the bare minimum as a mother…but participating in the Family Systems training helped me realise that while there’s a lot to work on, I am not completely off the rails and I can bring this back on track and reach the desired destination for my family. The new systems are really paying off! We sat down as a family and created a simple list of family rules with clear consequences as suggested – and this is working so much better than the never-ending list of rules we had come up with over time! I am learning to manage my responses to our children’s negative behaviour. We have introduced the “repenting bench” and have the kids who are having issues with each other hold hands while they are sitting there (I love that part because it makes them smile for a split second despite being so angry at one another). The “Gunny Bag” has been introduced to our family and he comes out when the children have not done their “pick up 10” or “zones.” We are also reassessing our family traditions and “I love you rituals” and thinking about what will be the most important memories for our children as they grow up. Thank you so much for the help, ideas, inspiration and motivation I needed!” – Megan Yates

“I just want to thank you both with all of my heart for the wonderful training. I learned SO MUCH! It literally reminded me that I can have goals, make changes and have the family of my dreams. I had completely forgotten that. I was just in survival mode. I am now striving to take baby steps to make things better. I know I can do it!” – Suzy Gallup

“These trainings helped us realize that we’re doing a lot of things right – and that was so affirming. We loved the chance to hear so many new ideas and discuss together what we really want to teach our children and what methods will best lead us to our end goals. Thank you so much!”– Geoff and Deborah Wallace

How do I participate?

Purchase this course then carve out some quiet time to sit in front of your computer (with your spouse if you can) and enjoy listening to April and Saren share the tried-and-true ideas they’ve gathered from families around the world. You can watch in 15-minute increments, if that’s what works with your schedule, or you can block out larger chunks of time to delve into one full part of the three-part training in one sitting.

Many couples have enjoyed watching one webinar a month and having a great family-building discussion as they watch and complete the exercises provided (and perhaps enjoy a favorite dessert while watching!). You can come back and review the videos and activities whenever you’d like.

How much?
While our in-person workshops cost upwards of $400 (not counting travel, lodging or babysitting) and family counseling costs over $100/hour, we’re happy to be able to offer this 3-part online training complete with worksheets and other materials for $97. Once you purchase any of our online trainings, they’re yours forever, and you can come back to review the webinars and videos and re-use the worksheets as many times as you’d like. 

If you’d like a more comprehensive program that has received rave reviews . . .

Check our our Family Systems eCourse. While this program offers a good overview of ideas to help you get your Family Systems going, our COMPLETE Family Systems eCourse walks you through every step of setting your family up for success through 16 weekly bite-sized assignments. Click here to learn more.







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